Listed below are resources provided by concurrent session presenters during our 2017 Fall Beginning Teacher Conference.

Strong Classroom Management -- Strong Classroom Culture (Classroom Management 6-12)

Differentiation: A Path to Success (Differentiated Instruction K-5)

Data-Driven Differentiated Instruction (Differentiated Instruction 6-12)

Exceptional Children Potholes, Pitfalls and Parachutes (Exceptional Children Procedures and Consequences for Not Following Them)

ECU Lateral Entry Options: Follow the Yellow Brick Road to Successful Teaching Licensure (Lateral Entry Options)

Practice Effective Classroom Management with Mursion (Mursion - Classroom Management)

Practice Effective Communication Skills with Mursion (Mursion - Parent Conferencing)

So You Know How to Think? (Praxis/Pearson Test Prep)

Motivation Leads to Innovation (Strategies for Working with Children of Poverty)

Developing an Understanding of Poverty: Practical Applications of Strategies that Work (Strategies for Working with Children of Poverty)

Manipulate Your Classroom with Resources from the Teaching Resources Center (Teaching Resources Center)

Differentiated Assessment Using Technology (Technology in the Classroom)

Law and Beginning Teachers -- Staying Employed and Social Media (The Law and Beginning Teachers / Staying Employed)